Welcome and Thank You

If you are just finding this site, then it’s probably because you attended the “Read2Dream” literacy event at West Chester University today, Saturday December 12.05.15.

I was next to my publisher, Bruce Larkin from WilBooks, handing out little cards which probably drove you to this site! : )

My book “One Million Kisses” is due out in April, but I need your help to make this movement a success.  If you haven’t already, I’d really appreciate if you would do the following:

If you have Facebook, please post 153Promise.com on your homepage

If you have Twitter, please follow me and retweet my posts

The more engagement and feedback I get, the more your voice will help me shape this movement so it can have maximum impact.

Thank you, and be on the lookout for future posts!



Thank you for sharing! <3

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