My Stats for Today…

I woke up as a usually do.  Made my decaf, checked my email, Facebook, etc…

Then got ready to write my morning post, and I find THIS when I looked at my stats: Stats 2.24.16

I don’t know if you can zoom in on your screen, but that’s 92 view so far this morning!  But what’s curious is that there were only 8 visitors.  Plus, it’s only 6 am upon writing this post and ALL of the views are from the U.S.

What’s going on??? Who’s been tapping my site?  Should I be thrilled?  Creeped out??  Looking under my car before I get in to go to work???

I DID go to a great discussion on stress last night and I gave my card to the lecturer… (The content of last night will be the topic of all my posts next week.)  Maybe he checked it out early this morning?  Maybe I have a stalker.  Maybe both- since 8 people did see the site.

But now, ironically, I’m stressed out a little bit.

And I also got a call last night from my publisher, but he didn’t leave a message…  I know my book is supposed to go to the printers any day now.

I suppose the only thing is to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “My Stats for Today…

  1. Hi Jennifer! Did you look at the “Referrers” section? That’s a bit of an indication of where the traffic came from. If it shows a bunch of “Search Engine” hits then i could be you had a particular combination of words that the Google bots found. In the olden days, before Google became so secretive, you could see what the search terms were. Now they’re encrypted.


    1. Yeah… I checked them out. That’s what made it even more mysterious. And every now ant then, I do get a search word that pops up. Usually, it’s 153Promise. I just don’t understand how I could get 25 some-odd hits on my archives page by 5 am… But I’m still new to this game.

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