It Starts With Yourself

I’m in my 40s.  When I was in school, I remember this PSA on TV:

It was so prevalent in our culture because of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” platform and the huge presence of the drug culture.

I was never part of that crowd, so it never really had much of an impact upon me.  However, I think it’s totally appropriate now that I’m a parent.  Kids do learn from their parents.  So what lessons do you want to teach?

It’s easier to watch what you say to your children about their behaviors, but what are you saying about yourself ?

If you put yourself down in any way, you are basically saying, “I’m crap.”  This damages your children’s self esteem because they are created by you.  Do you really want them thinking, “I’m the offspring of crap” ?

I always remember this warning when I hear, “Oh my… your daughter looks JUST like you!”  I get this all. the. time.  Now, can you imagine if she hears me say in the mirror, “I hate my nose… I wish I had bigger lips… my butt looks fat…”  Instead, I beam with pride and say, “Thank you!  She’s so lucky, isn’t she?  Because I’m gorgeous!!!”  And I’m NOT being sarcastic!  Lighthearted, yes, as not to be boastful.  But I want my daughter to feel proud that she comes from me.

The Dove line of beauty products nailed it in their recent beauty campaign:

Are you crying yet?

So please remember that when you make the 153Promise to love your child, that 153Promise starts with you!  Remember to be kind to your own spirit and teach your children that they are valued… by valuing yourself.