So, What’s This 153Promise, Anyway?

UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 01:  Photo of Stevie Wonder

The drafts for the logos of 153Promise came to me this week.  I am very excited!  The logo gives me the ability to make items that help promote the site: car magnets, tee-shirts, and my favorite: silicon bracelets!  I want to be a walking billboard for the cause.

“They” say (whoever “they” is) that the more choices a person gets, the less happy.  I now see the truth in that statement.  My graphic designer came with over a dozen versions of a logo.  (Three major looks with slight variations thereof.)  I figured the best thing to do was to poll everybody I know to see which one gets the biggest thumbs up.

As I started to ask people which they preferred, I wound up having to tell them what 153Promise is all about.  I explain how 153 is the number of kisses a day required to literally kiss your child a million times from birth to 18.  I then mention how it’s all explained in my book “One Million Kisses.”  THEN I make the distinction that the book is “One Million Kisses;” the movement is 153Promise.

So what’s the movement about?” people ask with genuine interest.

It’s about making the promise to show love and validation on a daily basis to your children.  It’s about making the promise to contribute to their overall mental health in a positive way.”

Everybody thinks that’s great.  I mean, who would argue against that, right?  But right now, it’s just an abstract idea… and this blog.  But when it all comes down to it, what IS 153Promise: a charity? Organization?  Foundation?

That means I’ve got to get busy.  Once the walking billboard paraphernalia starts coming and it (hopefully!) starts driving traffic to this site, I need to have more of a PLAN for action… more than just BUY MY BOOK; READ MY BLOG; DO WHAT I SUGGEST.

I need a vision.  A mission statement.  Essentially, I need to set up a whole structure and framework so if I actually DO get followers, they know what to DO.

The book is supposed to be out in April.  It takes six weeks for it to be pressed once going to the printers.  Working that backward, I’ve got about THREE WEEKS to get 153Promise more clearly defined so I can put it in the front flap of “One Million Kisses.”

So that’s going to be my focus for the next few posts…  Stay tuned for more updates regarding the movement…

And to all my fellow east coasters… stay safe in the impending blizzard.

Kisses!  XxXx

(Stevie Wonder photo by Michael Ochs archives)

Congratulations, All New Fiances… Now What???

A colleague of mine came into school yesterday with some new bling.  She and her boyfriend have been dating for seven years and they’ve been discussing marriage; even to the point of looking at houses.  So she knew “The Day” was coming… just not when.

As it turns out, he was being stealthy, planning something before the holidays.  Nice.  She was truly surprised and she showed me the great photos- complete with rose petals and the backdrop of Central Park.

I told her that she would be the inspiration for my post today, since I figure that a lot of proposals would be happening this holiday week.

I know it’s tempting to rush out and get wedding planning books, bride magazines, and begin calling around to find just the right venue.  However, I am going to strongly suggest the FIRST item you buy is this great book:

Cover art

There’s also a workbook that comes along with it you can buy.  It’s well written — intelligent but digestible — and if you like his stuff, he’s got many more books about marriage, parenting, and emotional intelligence.

Because while the trappings of a wedding can be very seductive, once all the cake has been eaten and people finally take your “Save the Date” postcard magnet off the fridge, you’re left with this person you married.

The topic of how to raise children may not be the first thing couples talk about when deciding whether or not to tie the knot, but it’s important to keep in mind why your are making this commitment… presumably to have a family and create a stable environment for your children.

So to all those people who’ve popped or been popped to… Congratulations!

Now make the 153Promise to each other and your future family by digging a solid foundation to the life you are seeking to build.